Lucky Couple Witnesses Daring Rescue of 16-Foot Anaconda


Lucky Couple Witnesses Daring Rescue of 16-Foot Anaconda

While on vacation in a Colombian hotel in Los Llanos, Daniel and his wife who is a photographer were treated to a rare spectacle involving a giant anaconda. The couple was enjoying time in their hotel near a river in January 2013 when they were surprised to see a crowd of people struggling to untangle the reptile.

Giant Anaconda Rescue

It was only after inquiring that the awe-stricken couple realized that the villagers were rescuing the snake from the wrath of anglers. Already, the anaconda had bullet wounds, after what appeared to have been a lucky escape from its hunters.The rescue, which most news reporters would dub as “Giant Anaconda Rescue: Villagers Save Injured 16 Foot Snake”, had every element of a movie scene. Surprisingly, the villagers seemed unfazed.

After putting the huge snake in a sack, they carried it across the river, and into a waiting truck. After a four miles journey, the team finally released the anaconda. The snake slithered happily to a nearby swamp. Hopefully, the lucky escape would teach the snake not to wander into enemy territory again. This was also a memorable moment, in which their photography and video skills got unprecedented use.


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