‘LunchBox’ an Inspiration For Indian Film Makers


‘LunchBox’ an Inspiration For Indian Film Makers

Indian actors are known for their brilliant acting skills, where as the Indian directors are loved for their innovative concepts and the combination of such excellent acting and direction efforts take the movie to higher extents. Yes!!! We are proudly going to announce about next feather in the cap of Indian Cinema Industry. Media24by7 has collected warm updates about the highly viral movie ‘Lunch box’. The readers would be amazed to know that the movie has scored a BAFTA nomination, in the categoryof best Indian film.


It is a great moment of proud for the movie to win a nomination at British academy of film and television arts. The directors of the movie revealed in the press conference that they have never thought that the movie would win such higher nominations, however their direction and Khan’s acting has made is possible. So the rocking Indian movie is now competing with Polish denish drama film ‘Ida’, Leviathan, British thriller movie ‘Trash’, and the highly viral Belgian drama ‘Two days, one night. The movie deserves such nomination, as it has showcased a unique concept. Lunch box is a kind of love story between a lonely man and a lovelorn wife. It is highly rare to admit such stories in our ritual based country; however the movie faced a great commercial success. The movie got such position only because of the hard and efficient efforts of lead star cast Irrfan Khan and Nimrat Kaur. The movie had its official release in India in the year 2013, but in the British sectors, the movie was released in the year 2014.

Lunch box has finally completed the round of International film festivals including Toronto, London and Cannes. The excellent lead, Imrran was happy to know that Lunch box won nominations at BAFTA, the man revealed in an interview that such unique concepts ought to be awarded as they connect the people with newer and creative ideas in order to pursue happy lifestyle. Irrfan continued saying that our country lacks to respect the house wives and their sacrifices, one should always try to know their strength. The movie has a hidden message about to take care of your wives and to respect their thoughts, as they have sacrificed their career, love and emotions only for you. So you ought to respect them!!!

Nimrat Kaur has recently revealed in an interview that she is happy and excited a lot to see the movie winning the prestigious nominations at BAFTA. The lady feels that it is all because of Irrfan’s excellent acting that helped the movie to face such higher degrees of success. The actress further continued that Irrfan during the production of movie, Irrfan was a great guide who helped her to play the character more efficiently. Nimrat finally concluded saying that Irrfan is not like how he seems to the people, if have found a great friend, philosopher and guide in him.

With such amazing moments of fun and proud, the whole cast and crew of the movie feels that the movie should win the award, as it will be a shining moment of proud for the nation. Media24by7 wishes good luck to the movie, hope such unique concept will help the Indian Film Industry to face a great growth even in abroad.

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