B-town girl detained in kenya in a drug raid


B-town girl detained in kenya in a drug raid

We all know about the relations of underworld with B-town. Underworld always has some sort of connections with bollywood. The leading actress of 90’s, Mamta Kulkarni was recently arrested in the case of drugs trafficking. In 1990, Mamta was on the top. Critics and viewers appreciated her movies like Karan arjun and krantiveer. But her destiny had planned something else. Recently Mamta along with her Boyfriend Vicky goswami has been caught up for drug dealing and trafficking. However, Mamta was released from the jail. Reports say that mafia Vicky’s connection with B-town helped Mamta to get roles in such popular movie. After getting release from the jail, mamta committed that she truly loves Vicky. She also said that she would try her best to help Vicky get release from the jail.

Four other people have been arrested with Vicky Goswami. The most prominent one is Batkash Akasha. The court has listed Vicky as the key associate of Baktash. The incident is being termed as one of the biggest drug cartel in Kenya. Mamta was highly detained for the incident.

Recent reports state that Mamta can only be deported to India if she is completely charged as an accomplice of Vicky Goswami. However, the top most criminal lawyers of Kenya is representing Vicky’s side. Recently the lawyers have asked that their client must be released on a personal bond.

The couple had a serious love affair for more than three years and they finally got married in the year 1997. Soon after the marriage, Mamta’s hubby was arrested and sentenced for life imprisonment. However, in the year 2012, Vicky was released on the ground that he has transformed into a better social being.  Last year there was a news that Mamta has turned into a spiritual devotee.

People can never forget about the controversy created by Mamta by shooting a topless scene for the September issue of ‘stardust’. Now she is again in the lime lights for her connection with underworld don Vicky Goswami. However, Mamta’s evergreen beauty outspoken attitude has always sparked the other actress with jealousy.

Even after a long list of her controversial acts, her sparking and glorious beauty cannot be denied. Mamta definitely deserves a chance in bollywood movies. Some famous producers have asked Mamta for a comeback in many films under their banner, but the woman denied. Now a day’s Mamta is only concerned about the Release of his hubby.  There are reports from some sources stating that Vicky Goswami is trying his level best to ensure that the actress is not formally charged. It is expected that the court will announce its decision soon.

The lady is again in the news. In a joint operation by the US DEA and Kenya police in Vickey is arrested.  In an interview, the actress declared that Vicky is innocent. The lady has given two names Baktash and Ibrahim Abdalla; saying that the two guys are behind the drug racket. Police is still investigating. Let’s see what will happen.
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