The Man With The Chili Addiction: Li Yongzhi Chili Man’s Story


The Man With The Chili Addiction: Li Yongzhi’s Chili Man’s Story

The Man With The Chili Addiction Li Yongzhi's Chili Man's Story

The Man With The Chili Addiction Li Yongzhi’s Chili Man’s Story


Known as the Chilli King, Li Yongzhi has proven that even the scariest things on earth come with great satisfaction. While red and green Chilli peppers may not be our ideal snack for any of us, 2.5 Kilos of chilli a day is what keeps this Chinese man going.

His peculiar habit drives him to even use the chilli pepper as mouth wash early in the mornings. Although Li Yongzhi hails from China, where chilli is a well-known spice, the unlikely celebrity takes spiciness to a whole new level.

As many 54-year-olds are busy complaining of arthritis and back problems, Li Yongzhi whiles away the time by ensuring that he gets more than enough chili pepper in his system.

According to Mr. Yongzhi, he can comfortably forego meat, eggs, and capsicum in his meals but he would not be able to do without the hotness that emanates from the spice.

The well-known construction worker did not start eating chili pepper overnight. Although it was a normal part of his daily meals, 10 years ago, his fondness of the spice grew when his son was faced with a hit and run accident.

Catering to his ailing son amounted to hundreds of thousands of hospital bills meant that his funds had to be depleted. With nothing left to eat in the house, the Chilli King visited a restaurant to ask for a handout.

Upon his arrival, he was told that the kitchen had run out of food and right there and then, he decided to ask for two bowls of chili powder and a glass of tap water.

His high tolerance for spicy food has won him television commercials and hundreds of competitions where he has been able to snatch away medals and cash prizes.

The vendors around his local market also ask for his opinion in determining the quality of the chilies that they sell. Li Yongzhi’s love for spicy food truly surpasses anything in the world.


Source: Reuters

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