Man Hit His Girlfriend Physically Abused in Public watch Video How People React To It


Man Hit His Girlfriend  Physically Abused in Public watch Video How People React To It

Domestic abuse is a vice that affect both men and women in the society today, this has been brought mostly by infidelity in relationships and drug the society many people believe that its only women who are abused simply because men tend to be silent even when they are abused by their female partners, extreme domestic abuse in public is witnessed in different parts of the world, if a man abuse a woman in public people will raise alarm to an extent of beating up the man but when a woman is doing it people will help the female beat up the man and others will just stare from a distances.

Both the government and the society are in the front line to fight for women rights with the formation of many women groups that ensure that women are protected. The few groups for men are not taken seriously and they have little membership as many men believe that they can stand alone and joining such groups portrays your cowardice.

Men being seen as the strong gender start at the family level when children are growing together, some parents will punish the boy child even when innocent when the girl child complains of mistreatment by the boy. On the other ha if the boy complains he will be told to endure anything that comes his way and be strong because he is a man. The child grows with the mind of being silent even when suffering to meet the society expectations and to avoid shame.


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