Man Jumps in the Lion’s Den watch what happens in next


Man Jumps in the Lion’s Den watch what happens in next

No doubt this is one of the craziest wildlife videos you will ever find on YouTube. What was this poor man thinking? You will soon discover that obviously he wasn’t. A Taiwanese man under the influence of alcohol and amphetamines and hearing voices in his head scaled the boundary into the lion’s den at the Taipei Zoo in Taiwan. As the wildlife video continued, the two massive predators eyed him up.

The male lion suddenly swung his massive paw through the air striking the man and wounding him badly. Still the man made no indication that he would flee to safely. The animal attack continued as the male lion struck over and over catching the man with his canines crippling him even more. As this astonishing African safari video progressed, the zookeepers scrambled for a solution. Finally, they decided to tranquilize the lions and to warn these carnivorous predators to keep their distance with a high-pressure fire hose.

The tension continued to mount as the zookeepers fired the tranquilizers and missed. The uncertainty as to whether this man would live to see another day made this one of the most stressful of all wildlife animal videos. Not to worry, the zookeeper hit their targets. This gave the authorities the opportunity to convince the man to come out. After a little snooze the lions woke up no worse for the wear.

This story had a happy ending for the man as well. Not only were the man’s physical wounds tended to, but he was able to go to rehab and recover from his addiction. If you find yourself in a situation where you have the opportunity to film African wildlife videos like this one, make sure you have the best video camera for wildlife so you don’t miss the chance of a lifetime like this one.[mashvideo]

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