Man site inside a Giant Water Balloon watch amazing end


Man site inside a Giant Water Balloon watch amazing end

This guy is a nutcase. A 6-foot idiot in a 6-foot diameter water filled balloon, more than 1.2 million viewers, 59,000 likes and 322 dislikes. Who would want to want to slug slide into a balloon to be filled with water, and wait patiently for it to burst? Obviously 1.2 million people thought it was worth waiting for and watching.Slithering into the balloon, the Slo Mo Guy waited for the explosion with orgasmic delight. Boom, the warm rush of gallons of water, and it was all over, except for the clean up and the boasting to his buddy.

Who can take these guys seriously? But they do take on some challenges that most of us would not even think about, and they do them with glee.I wonder if they have jobs or girlfriends? They sure seem to have a lot of free time on their hands, and I am sure a girlfriend would have told the one Slo Mo to put something better on than his underwear. At least he could have put on a new pair.Humour comes in all forms and I always remember a line from Red Skeleton; “if you cannot do humour without bad language, then it is not humour.” There was no bad language, so we can call this humour and more than 1.2 million viewers agreed.

Go and have a look yourself….


(Courtesy : YouTube)

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