Manual Combo In Skateboarding What Wikipedia Can’t Tell


What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Manual Combos In Skateboarding

Manual Combo In Skateboarding


Skateboarding has become very popular to many young people across the world. To some it is a lifestyle and to others is all they could think of. There are various skateboards designs ranging from different sizes and shapes. There are different ways of skating from a simple freestyle move to a whole 360 move. Different skateboarders come up with new styles to skate every day.

June Saito has come up with amazing skateboard moves that will blow your mind. He is only 23 years old and has brought so much difference in skateboarding. Not so many people at his age a can be able to move as he does. The tricks require a high level of balance and concentration that many might not be able to give while skating.

The moves are the next level manual combos that redefine skating. The moves are so wonderful that skateboarders are trying all they can to move just as he moves. He combines different moves while skating and even creates new ones on the way.

Being able to do the next level manual combo moves requires a lot of hard work and sacrifice. It will require a skater to spend a lot of his time on the park practicing just to get half those moves done right. He combines tricks like 1080, 900 rotating backside play and too many more in his video.

He has gained so much popularity for his next level manual combo moves by having so many viewers on youtube, facebook and instagram. Next level manual combos are now the new in thing among skateboarders. No one can claim to be good in skateboarding unless they can move just right as June Saito.

The next level manual combo is not just any tricks that a new skateboarder could try. They should be done by people with good skateboarding skills and experiences. New skateboarders are highly advised not to try these tricks. [mashvideo]

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