Manufacturing Factory Tour of World’s most luxurious car


The most luxurious and expensive car in the world, Ferrari, is the symbol of wealth, luxury, and speed to many.

Ever pondered how the most startling creation of Enzo Ferrari, the best automotive car worldwide manufactured!

The good news is that Maranello has been gradually transformed into a tourist-oriented Ferrari-land of sorts into the manufacturing unit spread in a plush green enormous space, fabricated in a spectacular enterprise with several awe-inspiring buildings that are designed by the famous architects such as Jean Nouvella, Marco Visconti, Massimiliano Fuksas, Renzo Piano and Luigi Sturchio. A museum excursion escort instructing in Italian and English will guide visitors through the circuit where road and competition car testing of Ferrari has been taking place since 1972, and to the Ferrari Factory where the Prancing Horse cars are built.5315779_2016-ferrari-488-gtb-available-in-australia_a508c74d_m

In the Ferrari city employees can be seen peddling bicycles across the buildings wearing their identifiable red and white uniforms with yellow Ferrari logos. This clearly distinguishes assembly-line workers, part of the factory’s logistics team, assigned to the prototype-building division, or someone else entirely.


World’s largest manufacturer in the world, FERRARI manufacturing plant is located in Maranello, Italy. Integration of intellectual architecture, stimulating engineering, and the provocative industrial system has resulted into the assemblage of such an epitome of construction. Although the building preserves its historic characteristics, yet it is filled with pioneering designs. This splendid design comprises of a central block with two levels, and a perpendicular wing called the bridge’ on the second level of the main block. The campus consists of four buildings: engine assembly, body shop, paint shop and final assembly.


The colossal space has been prudently allocated into numerous discrete buildings with separate vertical dissections triggering minimum interlude between large spaces.

The structure of the building is premeditated in such a way that it sanctions immaculate interface between different areas, the assembly lines, the chassis warehouse, the door warehouse and the inner finishing divisions.

There are two large areas for plants and small trees in the middle of the body shop. All the buildings have windows to provide natural light.


The core of the running of the plant, this entire appliance is suspended from the ceiling, and it allows the conception of a completely open workspace. These assembly lines are precast by tracks, which clench the car from above and elevate them with the help of carts connected to distinct mechanical pegs.

The first floor of the building has an assembly line in a form of ring suspending from the roof. The work of light and reflections is created by the inside of this steel ring structure that has a series of mirror-finished blades and a glass skylight.


Ferrari Manufacturing Factory is known for its latest technology. Ferrari is known across the world for its cutting-edge design language and state-of-the-art car technology, but as we found out, the process of building a Ferrari is less about futuristic robots than we thought. Instead, the luxury car maker uses time-honed craftsmanship techniques.

The most remarkable part of touring the factory is to see the cars being assembled. There are robots in the plant, a machine that drops the bare bodies onto the assembly line. Even then, the factory is a lot noiseless and more commodious than most people visualize it to be.

Ferrari cars are crafted, rather than assembled, in Ferrari manufacturing factory.


The manufacturing of small to big all parts that comprise the structure of this most loved car is seen here. Floor pans and the motor components are fabricated as sub-assemblies. The body is scraped and polished, its part then welded into their final locations.

Finalized sub-assemblies are assembled and added to the floor pan and motor compartment. At the beginning, a vehicle body starts flat, additional assemblies add some length. Then the components that give a vehicle height, and shape are added. Still the most luxurious sports and road car lack its external body panels that make it the ultimate merchandise.

Then a roof being positioned on Ferrari can be seen, this is one of the most outlining features of Ferrari’s construction. At this point, it looks like a car without wheels, a chassis, a motor or an interior.

Human craftsmanship is put into the making while the body finishing is completed, and the complete metal is scraped and smoothed to safeguard no problems occur once painted. Then your Ferrari is all set to be painted in one of your favorite colors and is transferred with the help of a conveyor to its destined position, and gigantic robotics can be seen spray painting the body in lustrously magnificent and eye-catching colors.

Ferrari’s been and often still is painted in race red’ (Rossa Corsa). This was the customary national racing color of Italy. It refers to the nationality of the competing team.


Once coated with the prized colors it is ready to be fitted with tires and panes that are all as one can see lifted with the automated techniques.

An upholstery shop makes every part of the interior, including the seats; the knee bolsters, and the door panels. Ferrari’s ever the famous symbol of its race teams CAVALLINO RAMPANTE (prancing horse’) is also tailored here.


The motif of a prancing horse is old; it can be found on ancient coins. The CAVALLINO RAMPANTE is the visual symbol of Ferrari.

Maranello, Italy- It won’t be possible to completely understand this Ferrari’s unique cachet in this small city until you stand near a sidewalk and hear a Ferrari roar by.

Whether it is The Prancing Horse or Ferrari’s culture, they are in every nook and corner of the city in Central Italy. Red Ferraris are the spotlight of the city and even the trash cans that surround the factory are colored race red’. There are numerous hotels that cater for Ferrari enthusiasts and owners who visit the city.

Maranello is located at an arm-length distance to Sant’Agata Bolognese, where its long-time rival Lamborghini is based. This is where your most prized possession comes from.


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