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Interesting Mathematics tricks

Children often have a common dislike for mathematics. Studies reveal that 3 out of 4 people hated math during the schooling age, and is the reason they are still imperfect in it. People all over the world have a common belief that mathematics needs to be practice a lot. epagloo is presenting some helpful tricks that will rebuild your interest with the subject.

People always feel difficult to multiply large digit no. in their brain without the help of calculator. But if you practice the trick given below, you will be master in multiplying such monster digits.

Is it difficult for you to add and subtract the fraction sums? Follow this trick and rest assured with accurate answers. The beautiful butterflies will surely help you deal with your tough mathematical problems.

Children love the table of 11, however; we can even teach you easy way by which you won’t need to memorize the table.

It is very difficult to memorize the decimal value of pie. But with this magical trick, you will surely remember it for a long time.Ohh!! The situation turns really irritating, if you do not have calculator to figure out the accurate percentage values. But with this trick, you will become the master of calculation.

Whenever, you are trying to look for percentage, drop the ones digit of number and multiply it with the tens digit of the perfect, the value you will be getting is the accurate answer for the given question.
Do you want to learn the magical trick to find the fraction of whole no?

Remember the haunting numerical of physics you solved in higher classes? That time, it was really challenging to convert the Fahrenheit into Celsius. However, for the students who are now studying in the higher classes, we have brought a really helpful guide. Check it out!

It sounds funny, but when you are in the examination halls, the mental pressure and tension lets you get confuse among the ‘greater then’ and ‘smaller then’ signs. It’s not a joke, it happens almost with everyone. So for such heart breaking situations, we advise you to the practice the trick presented below.

Need a delicious tip to improve your mathematical skills? Check out the image presented below.

These tricks will definitely help you get higher grades in mathematics. If you know some more interesting tricks, please share them with us!

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