McDonald`s Golden McNugget Is the New Deal!


Forget About the Goose with the Golden Egg!! McDonald`s Golden McNugget Is the New Deal!!!!

McDonald`s Golden McNugget Is the New Deal!

We have always heard about the golden egg story which illustrates how unprofitable actions can be taken due to greed. Well, that`s not the case when it comes to participating in the Japanese McDonald`s contest that was launched on social media lately. McDonald`s in Japan has implemented a new marketing strategy which is apparently working (only god knows why).

They are giving away an 18-karat golden chicken McNugget that is $2,000 worth to a single lucky winner (like really lucky). Also, another 21 winners will be offered free five-piece nuggets for free.

McDonald`s Golden McNugget Poster

The offer is valid for 39 days since the start of the contest which started on the 8th of June and will end on the 28th.

Now seriously, what should the contenders do in return?

Well, all what you need to do is help in revealing the identity of the ” Thief-Sauce” , who you can easily spot by the way due to his yellowish-banana suite and overall funny outfit in any of McDonlad`s restaurants or public events.

You will be doing this by using the hashtag #怪盗ゲ which basically stands for “Kaito Nuggets”. So, let your inner detective side rise and shine, as it is $2,000 worth and frankly speaking, it is totally funny.

I would really love to express my admiration for this campaign; choosing this funny and catchy “figure” for the marketing campaign, was to promote for two kind of sauces, the Creamy Cheddar Cheese Sauce and the Fruits Curry one (Yummy, I know).

McDonald`s Golden McNugget sauceMcDonald`s Golden McNugget sauce
All in all, it seems that the marketing campaign made the bang it was looking for; this can clearly be seen as the contest`s commercial has been trending on different social media platforms (you really need to watch that).[mashvideo]

I see this campaign as a really amusing way to both engage the consumers and promote for your new products. It represents creativity at its very best. Way to go McDonald`s!! Those people are rocking it, the Japanese Way!

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