This meow cat and owl are really best friends watch video you love it


This meow cat and owl are really best friends watch video you love it

Just like humans, animals to create friendships, not just with members of their families, but also with other different animals. An example of best friends animals is the owl and the cat. These two are best of friends. If you watch this beautiful wildlife video on YouTube that captures these best of friends’ playful moments, you will be amazed.This wildlife video starts off with a black kitty up in a tree making friendly advances to an owl which is also on the branch. The cat uses its forearm to reach out to the owl. This unbelievable pair doesn’t just play up the tree. They extend their games on the ground. One game that they keep playing is the “jump over me” game. In this game, the cat runs from a distance and jumps over the owl which is standing still on the ground.

Later on, the kitty pats on the owl’s head. The owl seems to enjoy this and moves closer to where the cat is. The owl also jumps towards the kitty and kicks it lightly. The kitty runs, but not far away and the two go after each other for a while. At one instance, the cat stands on it hind legs. It jumps over the owl several times.It seems the kitty is not afraid of heights. It is also not common for cats to take shelter on top of a tree, and even walk comfortable along the branches. Well, this kitty does that very comfortably.The two help each other in different ways. For example, at one point, the cat bends as it passes in front of the owl giving the owl an opportunity to lightly scratch the back of the kitty’s neck.This closeness extends in matters regarding food. The cat is such a gentleman that it hunts down a mouse which it kills then hands it over to the owl to feed on it.Another game that they play is one in which the owl flies low close to the ground and the cat tries to jump high to reach it. The two spend a lot of time together socializing. You can watch more of these awesome wildlife videos on YouTube.

Unusual Animal Friendships (Owl and Kitten Have an Unlikely Friendship) It is funny how animals can relate to each other in unpredictable ways. In fact, they completely reflect how humans behave under extreme conditions. Featured in this animal attack vs animal friends article are two extreme cases showing a hippo fighting with a lion and an owl showing unusual friendly gestures towards a cat. Many people would say that a cat and an owl to a certain extent look alike. It is true. However, the two creatures have an unlikely friendship when they get a chance to be next to one another. There are several photographs circulating all over the Internet showing a cat and an owl sitting together as if posing for an engagement photo session.There is a video showing a cat teasing an owl. In the video, the cat uses its front limbs to punch the owl playfully, the owl, on the other hand, seems to like the game and does not get furious at all. Instead, it plays along, responding to the tease. One funny scene shows them giving each other a peck, which is extreme.Such relationships show just one thing: animals are friends with each other, or they are deadly enemies.


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