Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 Concept, New Era Dawns


Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6’s Concept

What is almost 6 meters long, has ultra-modern gullwing doors and is more luxurious than the residence of Brunei’s sultan? Meet Mercedes Benz’s latest concept, the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6! Based on the classical aero coupes of old, it is a 2-door car that spans over eighteen feet long.Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6’s Concept

Everything about the car is more than anyone would need in a high end car. In this Mercedes trailer, we are going to delve a little bit deeper into the car’s features and performance and see whether it is a hit or a miss!

The Design

With lots of metal, it can be very hard to get everything to look amazing, but the Daimler owned German automaker seems to have solved this puzzle with the Vision Mercedes Maybach 6.Overall the modern car’s short deck and long nose resemble that of Mercedes-AMG’s Vision Gran Turismo from a couple of years back.Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6’s Concept

Crowning off the front part of the car is a noble and conspicuous grille that the automotive company claims is based on a pinstripe suit. At the corners are twenty-four inch wheels with see through panels that are based on the aerodynamic and transforming wheels of the IAA innovation previously showcased by Mercedes.

Inside, the car has even more amazing features. It retains classic gauges as a connection to the past, but enhances them with a glass trim that doubles as a touch sensitive interface and display. The windscreen displays important data and the seats have sensors that are architected to read the condition of the driver and the passenger so as to adjust everything from massage features to lighting.

Power and Performance

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is powered by 4 electric motors that can produce up to 738 combined horsepower. According to the car’s official trailer, the company says this will be more than enough to propel the car to about 62mph in less than four seconds.Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6’s Concept

All the four motors are backed by an 80 kWh battery that can move the car up to at least 200 miles. If the car makes it to reality, this car technology could really make a big difference in day to day use of electric vehicles. The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 can either be charged with an inductive charging system or by being plugged in.

Even though this is still a fantasy mainly created to create hype and design hints, if this is where Mercedes-Benz is going, it is definitely going to give other luxury car makers sleepless nights. Nonetheless, most of these luxurious features are likely to be seen in the next Mercedes Benz cars. [mashvideo]

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