Miami Heat Cheerleader Drops Phone, Dolphin Brings It Back


Miami Heat Cheerleader Drops Phone, Dolphin Brings It Back

Miami Heat Cheerleader Drops Phone, Dolphin Brings It Back

Miami Heat Cheerleader Drops Phone, Dolphin Brings It Back

TeressaCee, a dancer with Miami Heat cheering squad, got a wonderful surprise after a dolphin retrieved her phone from the bottom of the ocean.

Teressa narrated to Jeanne Moos, a news reporter from CNN, how a dolphin retrieved the phone, which is not your typical Miami Heat news.

The cheerleader was in Bahamas on a promotional shoot when the incident happened. She gave have phone to a cameraman before jumping into a pool and dance with dolphins.

The phone fell out of the cameraman’s pocket into the ocean floor.

When attempts by a dolphin trainer to recover the phone proved futile he whistled to a dolphin and made hand signals.

“It was in the shape of a diamond then he pushed down and then the dolphin went down,” said Teressa.

The whole incident was captured on camera. Teressa is seen bedding over the dock in anticipation as the dolphin went down the ocean.


The dolphin came up to the surface moments later squeaking upon retrieving the phone then places it on the trainer’s hands before diving back.

Although the phone was damaged beyond resuscitation, Teressa was over joyed by the dolphin’s kind gesture.Speaking on CNN, Teressa revealed that she was not excited to kiss the dolphin.

“That was my least favorite part cause he is very aggressive when he kisses you and doesn’t stop until you, you know kiss him back,”said Teressa.

Dolphins are the most popular cetaceans with many legends told about them rescuing humans in from sharks and sailors in distress. In 2003, four dolphins were caught on camera rescuing Hardy Jones, a wildlife filmmaker, from a large shark that was about to attack him.

They are known to create a protective ring around swimmers and repeatedly ram sharks to drive them away. However, there are no recorded cases of dolphins fatally attacking humans even when provoked.

Dolphin’s sonar penetrates the human body allowing them to see our internal organs and even hear an embryo’s heartbeat.

In addition, they have spindle neurons that are also found in humans. Dolphin’s social behavior is attributed to these neurons perhaps that’s the dolphin was able to read Teressa distress on losing her phone and retrieved it.

Source: CNN

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