Two Powerhouses Combine, Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn


Two powerhouses in the tech world combine as Microsoft looks to acquire LinkedIn.

Two powerhouses in the tech world combine as Microsoft looks to acquire LinkedIn.

The worlds biggest software provider, Microsoft are just about to get bigger. The software giants have just announced an imminent deal to purchase LinkedIn. LinkedIn is not your typical social platform as it takes on a more business approach as it is primarily used for business networking.

The deal will cost a sensational $26.2 billion or in other terms $196 per share. This deal has been given the green light from the both boards and its only a matter of regulation left to settle. LinkedIn will maintain its branding, culture and product and the main change will be that it now joins forces with Microsoft’s productive and business process. Additionally their Chief Executive Officer Jeff Weiner will maintain his position under Microsoft.

This will be a massive deal for Microsoft who will now have a bigger social media platform- something they have somewhat lacked. This acquisition will compliment their already established software and merchandise platform as LinkedIn will bring in a vast number of new customers in this regard to upmarket their sales channels. The use of Microsoft office 365 and Dynamics services joining forces with LinkedIn’s professionally developed platform.

Microsoft has big plans with LinkedIn’s sales navigator and it aims to use as an additional selling tool to assists it’s current CRM products. This will revolutionize their current sales cycle by obtaining much needed user information which would help develop their current deals.

Additionally LinkedIn recently purchased by providing online learning measures for users. This will benefit Microsoft in that they can boast software sales. For LinkedIn they can now put questions to be bed of how they will compete with bigger software companies under the wings of Microsoft. LinkedIn are considered one of the best performing tech companies out there and it is of no surprise that Microsoft has chosen them. They have an impressive 433 million users of which 105 are active on a monthly basis and they have stretched their reach to 200 plus countries in the world. Majority of their business is based on ad recruitment with over 7 million active listings at present.

Should the deal fall through for whatever reason, LinkedIn will have to pay a $725 million contact cancelation fee over to Microsoft. Therefore, we can expect a deal which will change the way professional around the world go-about doing business. It will be worthwhile to keep tabs on the developments of LinkedIn and Microsoft because the greater things are still to come.[mashvideo]

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