MiG-29, Raving through the skies yet again at the RIAT show !


MiG-29, Raving through the skies yet again at the RIAT show !

The Mikoyan Mig-29 which has been the constant backbone for 30 countries of the world, a front-runner in export based fighter jet aviation, dazzled the crowds yet again at the RIAT , manned by a pilot from the polish air force it took to the skies with grace and left the audience present at RIAT asking for more.

At the Airshow The Mikoyan performed stunts which tested the plane to its very extreme. But the pilot from the polish Air force pulled it all off with much conviction.

A little about the Mikoyan MIG-29 :

This Aircraft has had many variations and revisions to it since its formulation in the year 1977, with the most recent being fashioned in the year 2006, it has never gone out of production. Various firms had been responsible for the production of the Mig-29 along the way, with the recent one being the Mikoyan corporation a subsidiary of the UAC ( united Aircraft Corporation).

The Fighter is known to achieve speeds over Mach 2 with the utmost ease. Mig-29 are considered the top of the line, front end deterrence aircraft for a major lot of defense importing nations, with India being its biggest importer, yet again importing in the hundreds this year too.

Origin, The idea to build the MIG was formulated during the cold war, specifically during the Vietnam war in the year 1969. The fight between the US and the erstwhile soviet union for Air dominance had reached its pinnacle.

The USSR felt the need to build a remarkably adept combat aircraft. The goals decided upon looked hard to achieve but were finally brought to fruition in the year 1977, with the Mig-29 testing the skies in the year 1980.

Graduating on to the RIAT( Royal international Air tattoo), held every year at the RAF Fairford in London. The show is considered as the biggest military air spectacle on earth, attracting major air forces from around the world. The show consistently records footfalls in the upwards on 100’s of thousands every year.

The show is quite known for the visual spectacle it provides and the no holds barred approach embarked upon by the Air forces to completely entrench and wow the spectators.

It all began in the year 1971 with a mere 100 aircraft taking part at RIAT, but since then it has over the years progressed on to building higher repute culminating in it garnering a medallion of appreciation from the Guinness book of world records as the largest ever military air show.

Right now RIAT records the presence of more than five hundred aircraft manned and run by personnel from over 32 major arms nation.It has over the years tested the might, maneuverability, grit and speed of the most advanced jets in production today.

The connection that Mikoyan Mig-29 has with the royal international air tatto ( RIAT ) is one that has been built over a long duration and ends well every year when the Mig-29 completely rocks the skies! In this case with a polish air force personnel helming the beauty. Migs have long been know for the air prowess they effuse and the kind of scare that they impart upon their enemies.


Source: Tonkatsu298

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