Mind Blowing Smart Agricultural Machines


Mind Blowing Smart Agricultural Machines

Mind Blowing Smart Agricultural Machines

Some of the most brilliant innovations in the agriculture industry have revolutionized the ways farmers work now. Not only is it more efficient, it has improved in effectiveness as well.

Precision Farming

This is a key technology used in several smart Agricultural Machines. This includes a high precision positioning system to navigate and position the machine precisely at the desired location, with 2 CM accuracy.

Automated steering systems are very common as it takes over the mundane driving tasks. GeoMapping provides information about the different portions of land. Integrated electronic communications and variable rate technology are other technologies used to increase the versatility of the machine to handle varying plant and nutrients types.

Mind Blowing Smart Agricultural Machines

Precision Seeding

This is the crucial part of the growth process where the depth and distance of seeds will determine how the crops will turn out. If seeds are sown too deep, the plants may have difficulty breathing. However, if it were sown too shallow, the birds would eat the seeds. Overcrowding may be a problem if the seeds are too close. This may cause the plants to not have sufficient nutrients and water.

Precision Crop Management

As the plant grows, it is important to supply it with nutrients through fertilization, spraying and irrigation. In all these aspects, the optimal amount of each substance should be given.

Precision Harvesting

The end is near, however no one can rest yet. During the harvesting period, speed, accuracy and timing is all that matters. There have been several timesaving machines built to harvest crops faster and more effectively than the primitive ways.

Mind Blowing Smart Agricultural Machines

Agricultural Machines often do the reaping, threshing and winnowing processes all at one go. Specialist harvesters are also popular when the crop requires a unique extraction method. The main aim of these machines is to quicken the harvesting process while keeping the physical integrity of crops intact. [mashvideo]

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