Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is that animal on the wall


Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is that animal on the wall

It is hard to believe but only humans seem to be vain to appreciate their beauty or ugliness in front of mirrors. Wild animals don’t bother. It is not as if they do not have calm and clear waters to look at their faces. Perhaps, wild animals are too intent on drinking water to be bothered with their looks.

Animals in Mirrors Hilarious Reactions

In order to know more about animal behavior and intellect, a group of scientists used large mirrors in front of a gorilla family in Gabon’s rain forest. The result was rather amusing.

This family of gorillas was led by their leader, Silverback. At first, this leader tried to scare the animal seen in the reflection by hitting the ground aggressively with both forelimbs before the mirror. But there was some fear as well, which made Silverback ran away quite a few times, immediately after exhibiting such aggression.

When no aggression from the other animal, i.e., Silverback’s image in the mirror, was perceived, Silverback became brave enough to go nearer the mirror, and even used his forelimbs to touch the surface. He concluded that the reflective surface was a transparent barrier between him and this new gorilla. So Silverback went behind the mirror in search of his adversary.

What went through Silverback’s mind on not finding the adversary is anybody’s guess. One thing is for sure, he must have been perplexed, confused, and confounded.


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