Mohican flute man- The last of the Mohicans


Mohican flute man- The last of the Mohicans

Music evokes feelings in people which even words fail to convey. What differentiates good music from ordinary music is its tendency to convey multiple emotions at the same time! There can be n number of interpretations of good music but all these interpretations would have one thing in common – Each one of them would strike a chord with the listener. No exceptions , guaranteed.

One such example of good music is the ardent music of ”The Last of the Mohicans” by Alexandro Querevalù. This awesome and heartfelt rendition will give you a sense of the long – lost serenity. The costume and presentation along with the beauty of the tune will give you goose bumps. There is an amazing blend of flute music and rattle music . You can feel the true freedom and a connection with Mother Earth through this video. What is astounding is the fact that you feel completely bygone simply ,by the music as there are no lyrics to this beautiful rendition. Its the magic of a mere flute and of course, the talent of the musician, which will conquer your heart. Close your eyes, turn up the volume of your PC and listen to it and it might take you back to the time where one would experience ethereal peace; the time when the Nature was at its best; the time when one would see clear blue skies and the land was enveloped by more trees; the time when the only sound which could be heard was that of Nature and the most beautiful song was, at that time, sung by the Queen of music- the Nightingale. In the todays stark reality, such an ambiance is a myth. But with the help of this video, it can definitely exist in your own personal little fictional world. That’s it’s power and this power can clearly not be undermined! Even a non – Mohican person can feel and touch its beauty .

Alexandro has updates several other videos on youtube and they are definitely worth watching. It is a visual and auditory treat especially for the Native Americans – the Mohicans, if they are hearing it out somewhere. There is a dearth of such musicians , who connect with our soul and move our spirits with their music. Alexandro has managed to flare that connection deep in the heart of thousands through his Mohican flute masterpiece.

We must congratulate our musician, Alexandro , for such a wonderful piece of art. When Hollywood is cramming up with death metal, rock and punk , musicians like Alexandro fill up our minds with the irresistible pulchritude of flute! The proof of its beauty is the rapt audience in the background of this video, the common strangers who are very much engrossed in this profound score.

This one is on my ”favorites” list. What about you?[mashvideo]

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