Money Line in Palmistry


Money Line in Palmistry

The lines in our palms indicate a lot about our financial fate. There are a lot of difference in the lines of people who are rich and the poor due to money line in the palmistry. To know if one is a spendthrift or miser, the hands thumb will be used well. One needs to press the right hand away from the other fingers. When the thumb bends down easily, and there are a lot of gaps between the fingers, then you are a spendthrift. If the thumb is stiff and not bending and there is the lack of gaps between the fingers, this means you are a miser.

The mounts sun, Venus and Jupiter are the lines that make a person fortunate in the money matters. The regions below the fingers must be broad and high, and this means one will be rich. Sun lines indicate success, Venus offer luxurious life, and Jupiter is for the leadership qualities.

The Magic M:

There is also the fate line in the thumb that rises up to the Saturn mount. It must be clear, straight and in brown color without any breaks. This show there will be more inflow of money in your life. Beggars to have the line that represents them.

The planetary mounts must be flat and depressed in the palm this will represent poverty in the person’s life. The palm is also very soft and if touched the nerves can be felted in the palms. This show one will have a lot of debts and obstacles in his or her life.

When the Venus mount line is right,fate line will be clear, and the headline must be long.It must have a hook formation at the end, and this means one will be rich by his or her efforts and hard work.

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