Money or National Flag What did people choose


National Flag or Money?

A social experiment which is about picking the money or national flag from the ground has been actualized.Yet the acts of the people were different from each other.Some picked up only the money,some picked up flag only,some of them took both flag and money and few people did not care what was on the ground. Actually people that did not get the flag but the money should be blamed for their behaviour.

Money or National Flag

Well money can be really important to live off but national flag proves that you are independent and by that independence you can use that money so that national flag is way important than the money. Moreover national flag should be respected in any condition. Those who grabbed the flag did really great job.Because they know without the national flag your money is just piece of paper. Plus national flag and money can not be even compared.

The reason why money and national flag can not be compared is money may offer you great life but it lasts for short time period but the flag which shows that you are independent offer you and your childeren,grandchildren great life and freedom forever. In some scenes people who picked the money but not the flag were warned because of their act. And we see that they were embarassed for what they have done and went back,picked the flag as well.So even if you make wrong decision it is important to get lessons from your acts.

This social experiment was really useful.Because it helped us to see people’s choices over flag and money. Also thoso who did not get the flag understood their mistakes and respected to their flag again. In conclusion we see that even if there are people who live in same country they do not show same respect to their flags.



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