King of the Jungle?!? This Monkey Bullies Two Tiger Cub


King of the Jungle? Not if this monkey has anything to do with it!!

King of the Jungle Not if this monkey has anything to do with it!!

Lions and tigers are considered to be top of the food chain; basically nothing gets in the way of these big cats, whether they’re simply passing through, they’re hungry, or they decide to invade a little territory and call it their own. Now, that is all very well and good, but every so often you get a rather mischievous and stubborn creature who simply won’t back down!

The latest video from the animal kingdom has gone viral, when a stubborn little monkey attacks tiger cubs who have wandered into the area he has dubbed as his.

The video sees a beautiful and majestic Endo-Chinese tiger wander into a new patch of the jungle, before meeting up with another cub, and harmlessly playing together under a tree. So far so good, but that tree belongs to a monkey who has serious designs on the jungle being his, and he doesn’t take too kindly to these two cubs wandering in and taking over.

What happens next is borderline hilarious, as the monkey swings down and takes a swipe at the cubs, swinging from branch to branch to avoid their retaliation, leaving the two cubs looking bewildered at what is going on. This small and seemingly harmless monkey continues to taunt the cubs, slapping them around the face before swinging quickly away, scratching them on the back before scarpering again; the whole debacle is addictive to watch to the very end!

Basically, this monkey is one fast little creature, and agile too, and even at one point when his branch breaks and he finds himself on the jungle floor, he can’t help himself, and has another cheeky swipe, before jumping back up into his tree and hanging around for a little longer. In the end, the cubs get tired of attempting to catch the monkey, a seemingly impossible task, and they slope off with their tails between their legs. The monkey looks almost disappointed, it seems he was enjoying it!

This monkey attacks tiger cubs video is a must watch!!! [mashvideo]

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