Monkey Madness in Bali, Indonesia – Charmian Chen


Monkey Madness in Bali, Indonesia – Charmian Chen

The city of Bali is a beautiful Island located in Indonesia and it plays host to lots of tourists and vacationers from different countries.

The city of Bali

A beautiful Taiwan model Charmian Chen who also happens to be a student was on vacation to Bali and she decided to visit the “Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud” in Bali, Indonesia. While trying to feed the “long tailed Macaques” in the forest, a grain of corn that she was feeding them with fell down her dress and two of the Macaques not wanting to lose a single bite of the snack climbed on her and tried reaching down to the grain of corn that fell into the top of her dress.

While in the process of getting the grain of corn that went down her dress, one of the Macaque that climbed on her pulled down her clothes leaving her naked on top. The beautiful girl that was on vacation felt so embarrassed that she tried covering up her breasts with her bare hands as best as she could in order to still reserve her state of modesty as much as she could. Pictures of the incident were however taken and it went viral on the internet making her a popular Taiwan vacationer in Bali, Indonesia.

The outcome of the monkey madness in Bali, Indonesia

This little monkey madness in Bali, Indonesia has left Charmian Chen as a popular model and student. The outcome of this incident made Charmian Chen a sought for model by the time she got back to her beautiful country. Several television and radio stations are now seeking to make her their guests so she might be able to tell their audience about her first hand experience with the monkeys.

charmian chen

Some people on seeing and recognizing her call her the monkey girl which usually makes her laugh. What had initially been an embarrassing situation for her has finally turned to be a funny incident that has turned her into a popular global model. The incident could now be said to be one of the incidents that can be referred to as “blessings in disguise”.



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