Monkey Rides Motorcycle


Monkey Rides Motorcycle

Monkey Rides Motorcycle

If you thought you’ve seen it all, now see this.

There are a lot of animal trick shows done in circuses and fairs, but they seem to pale in comparison to this local “show” in Bintan Island, Indonesia. In this video, we can see a local community of around thirty to fifty people, and at the center of their gathering, a monkey dressed in a sports suit.

The monkey appears to expertly ride a motorcycle perfect for its size. It even has a helmet made especially for it to complete the look. 2 males host the festivities, and with some catchy music to boot, locals now have their very own animal trick show.

Looking closer into the video, we discover that the monkey riding the motorcycle has a chain tied around its neck. Moreover, it isn’t really driving the motorcycle; the monkey and its motorcycle are simply being yanked by a person at the other end of the chain.

The monkey slips several times and appears to attack one of the hosts before being tamed once more. Amid the laughs and giggles, numerous viewers of the video have expressed pity over the monkey, and rage over the local Indonesian community for allowing such things to be done to a helpless animal.[mashvideo]

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