After Facebook, Snapchat, Monkey Is The Next Big Thing In Social Networking App For Teenager


After Facebook, Snapchat, Monkey Is The Next Big Thing In Social Networking App For Teenager :

Monkey is the next big thing after Facebook

Monkey is the next big thing after Facebook

Facebook is the first thing people of all age group like to log in to whenever they have spare time. People also find out time to browse through it.

It is outdated and old after the launch of an app for the teens. Monkey is the new app meant for iOS devices and it is making news after its recent launch. The founders of this app are Isaiah Turner and Ben Pasternak.

They claim the app to be an apt one for the teens. The iOS app, Monkey is not just meant for real life friends but for internet friends that are trending these days.

Users make more internet friends with advantages that come with it. With school or college friends, one may have apprehensions to share secrets and feelings that can spread in various connotations.

On the contrary, Internet friends have no emotional bond with you apart from common taste and interest. Sharing feeling with them makes you safe from any sort of social shame or allegations.

Monkey, the latest app too would want to dig into your contacts to keep you updated with who is using the app and who is not. That’s pretty much like any other social networking app.

social networking app

social networking app

The app connects users with random friends for a specific period of time. For the time being, if a user wants to continue being friends with someone, in order to continue chatting, it pushes you to snapchat app.

It will soon build in-app chat for users based on sex, age, location as well as hashtags.

Pasternak said, “The way I look at it is Snapchat’s for your real-life friends and Monkey is for your internet friends.”

Monkey is the next big thing after Facebook

Monkey is the next big thing after Facebook

Turner said “I have groups of internet friends all over: I have people that I’ve connected with through YouTube … I have another group of people from doing technology stuff,”

The co-founders decided on this platform inspired by their friendship. They had met through a social networking site which was predominantly a hacker community.

They believe that internet friends have an extraordinary charm that let you be the way you are with no manipulation. Turner adds that the new app Monkey is helping the users be themselves. This is the exact motive in designing the app.

It is interesting to know that the app after its launch in almost five weeks has attracted 215,000 users and counting. It has found a place in the top 25 apps in App Store. That surely says a lot about its popularity.

At a tender age of 17, Pasternak has to its credit a popular iPhone app developed by him and an e-commerce app known as Flogg. Turner and Pasternak are roommates looking to take the world by storm. Being in their teens, they understand the need and taste of the same age group and they believe that Monkey will succeed in its aim.

social networking app

social networking app

Turner said “One of the big problems is that all the apps out right now are built by a bunch of adults, and “We are both the creators of the project and the end user, which isn’t really the case with things like Snapchat.”

The average age of users on Monkey is 17 and they don’t like to mix adults and teens, although the sign-up process can help one fake the age. Turner also states that unlike many other apps, Monkey is an app that has a clean community.

The Co-founders have a public snapchat account which can be accessed by all Monkey users to inform of any misconduct. That’s a great start.

They claim that Monkey is a young app that has no room for the older generation. So teens that are social networking freaks will have a new platform that gives them more than they want.


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