Monster Bicycle In Action


Monster Bicycle In Action

Bicycle’s and motorcycle’s are usually structured such that the rider is comfortable and finds it easy to operate. However there is an exception for monster high bikes or monster trucks. All of them have one thing in common, they can be used as a means of transport.

However monster machines are made for luxury purposes to entertain rather than for transport. They consist of large tractor tyres either at the front or back. In some instances, both back and front wheels are extremely larger compared to the actual normal model size.

Monster high bikes have small trumpets to act as there bells located at the center of the rudder for quick access. In addition, they incorporate big torch light similar to a small trough.The pedal gear is placed at a considerable distance from the seat.[mashvideo]

Consequently the size of the wheel makes it a lot harder to pedal or steer around a block. These bikes are a good sport for those who want to shape there legs and burn some calories. If for some reason you want attention, try these brutal bikes.

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