Monster Goliath Grouper’s With Sam Barrington


Monster Goliath Grouper’s With NFL Linebacker Sam Barrington

Monster Goliath Grouper's With Sam Barrington

Green Bay Packers Sam Barrington is here again. This time, aboard the Blacktip H fishing vessel, he is set against that of a goliath grouper off the coast of Florida. Sam Barrington is a linebacker with the Green Bay Packers. His return trip, this time, was with Josh Jorgensen of Blacktip H fishing. After amazingly defeating a monster bull shark, he is up against a monster goliath grouper this time with his amazing saltwater fishing records.

He has on board the boat a crew, with everybody trying to catch some line peeling bonito. These fishes exhibit excellence in their heckuva fights, but I tell you, this time, these fishes are going to be used as bait in catching the big goliath grouper, said Sam Barrington.

Sam is asked about catching bonitos. He answered that the fish fight well. Sam Barrington says, that bonitos are fun themselves and it’s fun catching them, adding that though they are small, they fight back and he likes the way they fight back.

What next then. They strapped the fishes, and dropped to the groupers, a hooked up bonito. One bonito went for the bait, but for a couple of seconds, stripped the baitfish from the line. After bouncing and riding bent for a couple of seconds, the pool cue went dead. Sam laughs and says, if they all only know how that felt. It was like an accident car going downhill, and he was attached to the car.

The next episode was amazing as he hooked and cached a monster goliath grouper. That is what he enjoys doing right? It is always his sport for catching the monster goliath grouper’s.

Barrington assesses the power involved saying, when you compare the strength of that to a shark, it didn’t have as much stamina as a shark but the power was more passionate than a shark, that was fun, I promise you”.

The cue spent a lot of time aboard the boat. While on the boat, Sam Barrington catches a couple more of the bonitos including one on a hand line. The guys on the boat with Sam took turns to catch the monster goliath grouper’s. I guess that’s where their strength lies.

At the end of the whole hunt, Sam had caught four goliath groupers. Each of his friends, Richard and Johan had the chance to catch one monster goliath grouper each. Making the total goliath groupers six on that day.

After spending some time on the boat, Josh asks Sam, whether he is officially now tired. Sam, the NFL giant replies that yes, he is tired.

What is in stalk for Sam Barrington in the next episodes of his amazing sport? Will it be a Bahamas trip and a little bit of tiger shark fishing? Well, we will find out later as I bring you more.[mashvideo]

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