Monsters, yes they are real and caught on camera


Monsters, yes they are real and caught on camera:

We live in a world where still there are some creatures or species which are yet to be officially named or discovered. They are not found normally and this makes our brain think in a different way. We are talking about unnamed species which are tagged as monsters, caught on camera or been spotted by the naked eye. It is hard to believe but the camera doesn’t lie and still, there are some speculations about video editing have been a part but it is quite hard to neglect the existence of these creatures.

Arizona Winged Monster

It was a quite foggy night in Arizona when Richard Christianson from Phoenix noticed someone standing on the lawn. It was quite different from the normal person as the creature had long legs, horns and large wings that appeared almost transparent. Richard clicked the pictures and posted on the Facebook with the question “What the hell do you see in this picture for reals??? Anybody”. With horns and wings, it is mostly compared with some angels and demons.

Dead Dragon 

Dragons are an integral part of many cultures and been worshipped through decades, which are believed to be fictional and fantasies. An American businessman made claims to capture a real dragon on a remote island. In the video, the dragon appeared to be dead with four legs, large and sharp scales, folded bat like wings, claws, horns and some feathers that wave in the ocean breeze. It has been claimed that the video is fake as there is no authentication and this is not enough to make the claims considered to be true. This is not the only video about dragons but not one is considered to be genuine.


Homunculus is the name derived from Greek which means a little man. It is been around for centuries and believed that homunculi are fully formed tiny men that were either the origin of life or created through alchemy or other witchcraft. The video shows a Russian man who injected the human semen into a fertile chicken egg before incubating it for weeks.

After that period he cracks the egg and there was a small creature with a human hand. It was astonishing to see the development of a creature with a human hand which moves and twitches. The creature moves towards its creator but the man killed it with a heavy hardcover book.

Barnacle Sea Monster 

Sea is the place where the origin of the life begins and still has some untold stories which keep showing on the surface of the earth. This is the story of New Zealand where the strange creature washed up on the shores. The long creature which appears to be the face or snout and was covered with barnacles appears to be dreadlocks.

There were many speculations that it was a sea monster or the Taniwha, a sea monster of Maori who drag people beneath the waves to their death. Some experts claimed that the creature is a piece of wood or canoe which was on the seabed for many years. The question still remains unanswered as barnacles have been known to grow on other sea animals which include whales and crabs.

Giant Shark caught in the Mariana Trench 

Megalodon is the giant shark which has in the tradition and culture for years. They are believed to be extinct with exploring only 5% of the total ocean on earth. Many scientists from around the globe discover the new species of creatures and even rediscover the extinct species. Recently a Japanese marine biologist captured a giant shark of total length which is believed to be in-between 29 to 60 feet and has been linked to Megalodon.


Source: Top 5s Finest

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