Morgan Freeman Dramatically Reads Justin Bieber song


Morgan Freeman Dramatically Reads Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’

People who enjoy Morgan Freeman’s movies and Justin Bieber’s songs will laugh and smile at a video that features that features the actor doing a dramatic reading of the Justin Bieber song ‘Love Yourself.’


What makes the video so entertaining is that it is basically a kind of celebrity culture in-joke. The combination of Freeman’s deep and dignified voice (which has become a sort of meme over the years), and the sentimental pop music lyrics of “Love Yourself” sounds both absurd and humorous at the same time, and this is because Freeman’s unique style of speaking is just not meant for reading Justin Bieber lyrics.

To add to the humor, the video also features Freeman’s reactions to the lyrics, including pauses and facial expressions, all of which adds to the absurd humor of the video. People who enjoy Hollywood culture will enjoy this too, as it gives the veteran actor the chance to do something silly, but in a very dignified way. And this is why the video is so funny: It shows Morgan Freeman having fun at the expense of a Justin Bieber song.

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