How Does a Mosquito Bite, See In Close-Up


How does a mosquito bite? What are the natural ways to keep mosquitoes away? Such topics have become quite popular and have recently being ranking among the most searched topics on the internet

How does a mosquito bite What are the natural ways to keep mosquitoes away

This is being observed at a time where the world is becoming concerned about the zika pandemic or virus. This follows good strides that have been in combating malaria which is caused by this insect. In addition to being a career of the zika virus, the mosquito also causes other diseases such as dengue fever and also is a carrier of the west nile virus. In order to find a more effective cure, its vital to learn the science behind mosquito bites.

According to the American Mosquito Control Association(AMCA), some people are more prone to mosquito bites more than others. Also, the mosquito bites allergic reactions will only affect some individuals and anyone who has been bitten. The association further states that scientists and researchers are yet to find out why mosquitoes are only attracted to some individuals or why the malaria symptoms vary from individual to individual.

John Edman,Phd, an entomologist at the Entomologist Society of America(ESA) says that the mosquito will target an individual even before its lands on him. High concentrations of compounds such as uric acid, cholesterol, steroids, carbon dioxide on the skin is believed to be a trigger. Researching on how to mask the triggers is seen as a good avenue to coming up with more-effective mosquito bites treatments or developing better repellents and nets as part of mosquito prevention tips.

A team of French Scientists recently revealed a video that captures how a mosquito bites its target. After smelling its host, it lands on the skin and starts probing for a blood vessel. Once it identifies it, the blood-sucker sinks its proboscis(sting-like organ in its mouth) and releases saliva that numbs the area and then begins drawing blood from the victim. Mosquito safety topics encourage people to use quality mosquito nets, repellants and eradicate any mosquito-breeding grounds to stop the spread of malaria, zika , dengue fever and other diseases.[mashvideo]

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