Top 10 most dangerous place in the world


Most dangerous place in the world where you definitely should consider your State. Gov travel warnings and think twice before travelling

most dangerous place in the world
When you live in a peaceful country, you might forget that there lots of other places in the world that only wish they could have even the slightest taste of peace. There are many countries or cities where violence is part of their daily lives. They languish in insecurity that is caused by either political instability, conflict of interest, religious beliefs, selfishness or extremism

10. Syria

Since March 2011, over a hundred thousand people have been killed in one of the worst conflicts in human history. The war has also caused one of the worst refugee situation ever witnessed, with over three million refugees. This already explains why it is one of the places no tourist should even get close to, unless you are contemplating suicide.

9. Ciudad Juarez and Acapulco, Mexico

Not every part of Mexico is dangerous, but these two cities are known to be two of the most violent cities in the world. Criminals and drug lords are roaming around, taking laws into their own hand. They are killing each other and even innocent people. Police corruption is also high here, and more often people find themselves in illegal roadblocks set by dangerous criminals.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio is not only famous for its carnivals and festivals, but also a constant war between gangs and police. This place is so dangerous, you never know when a stray bullet might be flying your way. It is one of the deadliest places on earth, marred with drug trafficking, kidnapping and rape. The sound of guns and grenades is so common here.

7. Sudan

Civil war broke out in Darfur region in Sudan over ten years ago, and since then, the country has never been safe again. Local tribes have turned against each other, and most people are left homeless. Starvation has taken over most parts, and people are constantly dying by the gun, grenades, lack of food and other violent activities. Their president is even in ICC’s list of the most wanted war criminals.

6. Caracas, Venezuela

This is actually the most dangerous place for anybody. Everything dangerous happens here, from homicide, to drug trafficking, to kidnappings, to rape, to hijackings, you name it. People are dying in the streets, and gunshots fills the air. You can never travel with jewelry here, or you’ll lose your hand, finger, ear, or any other body part that jewelry is worn.

5. Karachi and Peshawar, Pakistan

The atmosphere in these cities is so chaotic. The war between the Taliban and the Pakistani military has turned the cities into violence hotspots. There is also territorial gang warfare that has gotten out of control. You can easily wonder into a war-zone without even knowing it, it you can hardly come out alive if you do.

4. North Korea

Foreigners here are limited to just hundreds, and that alone explains to you how much this place is dangerous. It is one of the most unsafe countries. The regime is oppressive and unpredictable, and its security situation is so uncertain.

3. Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul is one of the most violent cities of 2016, marred with rampant suicide bombings and public executions. The fact that Taliban resides in this city explains how much it is unsafe for tourists.

2.Mogadishu, Somalia

Somalia has been unstable for so long. Violence, war, terrorism, kidnappings, and piracy has thrived in the country, and especially in the capital Mogadishu. Bombings, and public executions are far too common in this place. No one is ever safe in Somalia. It is one of the most unsafe countries and you can say one of most dangerous place in the world.
for Americans.

1. Baghdad, Iraq

Since the withdrawal of American troops, Baghdad has become a dangerous place. The insurgency has continued, and terrorism has become worse. Suicide bombings and gunfire has turned Baghdad into a city of ruins. Baghdad can be considered as the most violent cities in the world and definitely most dangerous place in the world.

These places are not favorable for any tourism activities since no tourist would feel safe in an environment where people die like flies from gunshots and manslaughter. Thou there are lots of such places in the world, here are some of the most dangerous place in the world.

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