Most Dangerous Places On Earth


Most Dangerous Places On Earth

Some places in this world are just so life-threatening to live in. The following are the top fifteen most dangerous places to live or visit. These are places where you are mostly likely to lose your life if you visit because of natural calamities, high crimes or terrorism.

1. San Pedro Sura – ( Honduras)

This place is infamous for being referred to as the murder capital place of the entire world. It is one of the most crimson cities in the world. Homicide rate goes beyond 170 per 100000 people. Illegal trafficking is also very high in this place. The major cause of this violence is blamed on the deportation of Los Angeles gangs during the 1990s.

2. Indonesia-Java and Sumatra

Natural disasters are so common in this place. In 2004 over 227000 people were killed by a tsunami. There have also been droughts, volcano eruptions and earthquakes for the last 100 years. It’s a very dangerous place to live.

3. Mexico-Chihuahua

It is Infamous for drug-related crimes and firefights in the streets.

4. Turkey- Istanbul

In 1999 over 40000 people were killed by an earthquake. In present day 12 million people are living atop of the North Anatolian fault known as earthquake central danger can occur anytime.

5. Somalia – Mogadishu

Terrorist infected with militants known as al shabaab who once controlled most of the cities in Somalia.

6. Guatemala

This place gets hit by a series of natural calamities including mudslides, earthquakes and hurricanes.

7. Southern Tunisia

This desert land is greatly advised against due to terror threats.


8. New Hampshire- Huntington Ravine Headwall

It is not a safe place as one can slide when hiking and the cold weather is dangerous as well.

9. Iraq- Baghdad

Terrorism can happen anytime in this region and most travel agents will warn you about travelling in this place. In 2012, Baghdad was listed as one of 221 risky cities to live in.

10. Brazil-Macelo

135 people in 100,000 people are murdered per year in this place.

11. Italy- Naples

Many people live surrounded by volcano. Years ago volcanoes destroyed cities like Pompeii

12. Ethiopia-Danakil Desert

Border conflict between this place and Eritrea makes this place unsecure also the risk of being kidnapped. This place is highly advised against.

13. Arizona-Grand Canyon

This is known for most suicides; also most people accidentally fall of the cliff.

14. South Africa-Cape Town

Poverty has led into insecurity in this place. Desperate people looking for some cash bring about crime in this place.

15. Yemen-Sana’a

It is a very unstable place and has terrorism threats. America and Britain usually advise their citizens to vacate this place.



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