Most dangerous wild tiger attacks ever caught on camera


Most dangerous wild tiger attacks ever caught on camera

Between all wild animals across the world, tiger attacks claim most victims. Majority of these attacks happen in South and Southeast Asia. Reasons for this are many, but what happens most often is that animal attack tourist because they get to close or are simply not careful about. In today’s world filled with technology, you can find these attacks filmed with best digital camera with HD video. When watching these videos one thing is sure, it is mostly people’s mistake of simply not respecting the animal. We will share with you couple of greatest tiger attacks ever caught on camera.

First of these attacks is probably the most explicit attack you have seen. It was filmed with digital camera, so material is in good quality which allows us to see exactly what happened. Couple of men on elephants were on purpose trying to agitate tiger with sticks, probably to try and catch him or lure him to show the tourists. Tiger was hiding in a tall grass and once it decided to attack there was no going back. The man tried to move backwards on the elephant, but the tiger already jumped towards him and manage to bite his arm. It is unknown what happened after the video was cut.

Animal versus animal attacks are not uncommon. In the wilderness they happen every day, and it is simply the only way to survive. But most of the time they are not caught on camera, which makes these attacks different.Tiger sneaks behind the sleeping dog, and kills him in just couple of seconds. He then takes him back to the woods. We can also see that tigers can kill a 14 foot crocodile without much effort. He simply lays on top of him and holds him down while trying to bite through crocodile’s tough skin.Attacks happen in national parks as well. In Kahna tiger killed sloth bear and cub, all while tourists were watching and filming.

Jeep rides through wilderness are popular tourist attraction, but these people will probably not do it again. While they were filming the ride they noticed a tiger walking closely by and following them. Tourists were still filming until tiger started charging at the jeep. The driver sped up as much as possible and they have managed to escape.Luckily no people got severely hurt in these animal attacks on humans videos.If you are interested in more similar content, online you can find both best and the worst animal attacks. One thing to remember is that wild animals are not a force to be reckoned with.


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