Most Thing You Probably Didn’t Know about Kim Kardashian butt before and after


Most Thing You Probably Didn’t Know about Kim Kardashian butt before and after

We all that we knew all about Kim Kardashian’s life thanks to the infamous TV series keeping up with the Kardashians and her social media platforms. That was not until she got into chatting with one of her good friends Andre Leon Talley in a vogue podcast and shared little insights and anecdotes of insight on her life which a camera couldn’t catch.

  1. She’s very involved in both the creative and business side of her app. She said that it was not an easy job and much work had to be put on it than people knew. She was delightful of her lifestyle app and video game.
  2. She had once taken a one day trip to Paris just for a piece of cheesecake. She had flown just a couple of months ago only to reach there and find that they didn’t have it. She explained that she was not a cheesecake lover but the cheese in Hotel costes was so delicious.
  3. She had no cravings during pregnancy but managed to amp up on the carbs She revealed that she didn’t crave for anything but ate more carbs. She goes on to say that she always have egg whites, a toast and avocado in the morning, salad for lunch and either pasta or risotto for dinner.
  4. She does not thanksgiving food She loves hanging with her family but has never liked thanksgiving food at all. She said that they would spend this year’s thanksgiving in Kris Jenner’s home.
  5. She is expecting to spend this Christmas in the hospital. She exclaimed that she was due right and might be in hospital during Christmas.
  6. She doesn’t understand the love she has for Instagram She loved seeing people’s lives through photos but finds it crazy how people take it like “it never happened if you never posted it.”
  7. She will have a holiday edition of her “selfie book” She explained that she would do it with a new picture on its cover and adds that there might be more inside.
  8. The closets in her new home were being designed like a Saint Laurent store. She would be moving there soon and had added a whole new room that would be like a store. Everything would be in co-ordination inside.
  9. She had given up on heels during her pregnancy A friend had asked her if she had given up on heels since she had been seen on flip flops which she replied with a yes.
  10. Kanye west’s dates have always been on top She said that her husband kanye always had something special planned and liked surprising her a lot. When she told him that she would be sitting in bed this year, Kanye surprised her with a huge party.


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