Mother Elephant Skewers Buffalo watch what happens in next


Mother Elephant Skewers Buffalo watch what happens in next

Pictures have emerged showing the ferocious and protective nature of elephants, where a mother elephant skewers buffalo. Kimberly Maurer during her African safari in the Maasai Mara game reserve witnessed one of the most ferocious wildlife animals in her vexed element and lucky for the world, she took photos of the incident. Both the elephant and the buffalo are classified as big five mammals, which is a testament of the massive physiology. Logically, a battle of the two wild animals would seem as somewhat evenly matched, but this could not be further from the truth. The Cape buffalo was no match for the mighty mother elephant.

Elephant Skewers Buffalo

image source: The sun

According to Kimberly, Everything was going as normal. In their car, they were edging closer to the grazing herd of elephants, consisting of a mother elephant and her three cubs. As they moved closer, they noticed the presence of Cape buffalo that had been resting in the bush. Kimberly recalled: “As our vehicle pulled forward a bit, we noticed a Cape buffalo asleep under a bush.”

Suddenly the buffalo rose to its feet a movement that alarmed the mother elephant, which went into a full-blown defensive mood. “As we were watching the elephants grazing and moving toward us, the Cape buffalo raised his head and stood up, which must have been a threatening movement for the elephants.”

Elephant Skewers Buffalo

The two animals charged towards each other engaging in an animal fight that few Maasai Mara visitors would imagine of witnessing in any African wildlife safari Tours. The buffalo being inferior in size collapsed to the ground moments after the impact. However, the animal fight was not over as the elephant “…skewered the buffalo with her single tusk and lifted it straight up over her head with her tusk protruding from the other side of the buffalo.”

The Buffalo was slammed to the ground after which the elephant herded her family from the scene. This was a unique experience and Kimberly acknowledged so, stating that “this photograph was, no doubt, a once-in-a-lifetime capture for me.” the best way to do this is to keep.

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