Mother rabbit protects her young from a snake


Mother rabbit protects her young from a snake

In this video at first is not clear what we see, after a few seconds we can define a snake is on the grass, but the rest its hard to identify since we don’t see anything moving. Then a rabbit jumps on top of the snake, to reveal that the snake had taken captive the rabbit’s young ones.

After a moment of confusion, we can observe how the mother rabbit and the snake start to fight. They begin battling it off and both get away from the baby rabbits. The mother rabbit attacks the snake by biting it and kicking it repeatedly, afterwards the snake decides to start getting away from the mother rabbit.

The female rabbit follows the snake, and goes on to bite the snake a few more times intimidating it and fighting it with her best ability. The snake has gotten far from where the baby rabbits are kept, outside from the grass area and into a ground of rocks, but the mother rabbit catches up with the snake to ensure the safety of the baby bunnies, scaring it away for good.


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