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What the World Would Be Like If  Moto G4 Didn’t Exist : We like to answer it

moto g4

Motorola has become one of the leading multinational phone company. With the use of innovative design combined with modern gadgetry, there is nothing that this company can do wrong. The very essence of Motorola’s success comes in its releases that would bring up something new in the market. And with this millions of consumers have been chained to their brand.
Their soon newest release is the Moto G4. The Moto G4 2016 release is still on rumors as the company would has still not shed any words in its actual release.

The Moto G4 release may not be official but fans have been waiting and staring endlessly at rumors and reports.

Why are people dying to see this?

It is because the Moto G flagships have very much created a successful market range both in Asia as well as in South America. So to spoil you about this product, here is its review.

moto g4

Release Date

The official release date has not been set up yet but it is said to have it first launched at Amazon India. When Moto G4 will be launched in India it will be this coming May 17, 2016. Further releases in Asia and America are still not verified. So far the only online distribution will be via and Flipkart.


This amazing this of beauty has a camera capture of 16 megapixels which can bring up crisp and beautiful pictures that screams for selfie goers and camera enthusiasts.

It holds in the Li-Ion battery which has been a standard use of smartphones. Its screen resolution is 720×1280 pixels which can bring a mid range graphics.

It also has a storage of up to 3 GB Ram. So you will never have to worry about having insufficiency in downloading.

Lastly, it packs a screen protection of Corning Gorilla 4 which is the same built as those in the sturdy Nokia flagships.

Overall,  Moto G4 is definitely worth the buy. So before the day of release would come, save some cash to avail of this amazing phone.

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