Motorcycle rider Pleads and Prays to Elephant Herd for Mercy watch video


Motorcycle rider Pleads and Prays to Elephant Herd for Mercy watch video

This video is about the bike rider who adventured in to the National Park in Thailand only to anger a herd of elephants. At the end of the video, you will be able to see that the bike rider pleads and prays to the herd of big pounded elephants for mercy not knowing how to escape a probable death scene!

Pissed off by the sound from the motorcycle the elephant herd at the National Park in Thailand attacks the Bike rider. If the herd of elephants caught a major part of your attention and you missed the Bike Rider, watch the left hand side on the screen. You should be able to get a clear glimpse of the crazy bike rider.In the beginning, you will be able to see the motor cycle rider approaching the scene from behind two big elephants out on a casual walk. Obviously, the rider was scared about the herd of elephants. His common sense did not work to put an end to the noise of the motorcycle. This is one of the videos taped using Nikon D7200 HD Camera for You Tube Upload.

The editing conveys that the rider was waiting for the elephants to pass away before he finally gathered some courage to sport out a ride to cross the herd without being attacked. It was bad luck when he decided to sport past the herd. Bad luck he forgot to do something about the sound of his bike. Well, destiny dawned on his head. The killer was indeed the noise from the motorcycle that scared the elephants away. And, the noise had one of the elephants piss off with his/her tail up. You should be able to see one of the elephants pissing tails up, legs apart.

Watch closely at 0:39 minutes, you will be able to see the rider lays his bike off while being cornered by the authority of one of the elephants in the herd. To add to the horror, you should be able to see three more elephants joining the attack. One of the three elephants that joined later should obviously be the mother. The other two baby elephants should be the children joining the individual elephant who initially charged the rider. It was one, then 2, 3, and 4, then 4 and 5 – all family members and friends of the elephant together at work. Probably, the rider was trying to run away in to the far away greens from any space available. If you do not have a clear idea of how amazing elephants sound like, this video is a must watch.Funny, in the end you can see the guy kept his palms together like he was praying all the while. Wonder, the lights on in the motor cycle and sound annoyed the herd! Probably, the elephants honored his prayers and spared him! Divinity knows!


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