Movie Review: What We’ve Found In ‘Dolly Ki Doli’


Movie Review: What We’ve Found In ‘Dolly Ki Doli’

Dolly Ki Doli Movie Review:

The robber bride is finally on screen. However; the critics have given two stars to the film and have reported that Sonam has really done a good job in movie, her efforts are the only reason why people should spend hours watching ‘Dolly ki doli’ in the theatre. When the bride herself calls her to be a ‘Luteri dulhan’, then we guess there is no sense to waste your precious weekend hours over it, as the trailers revealed the complete theme of the movie. However, if you are a crazy fan of Sonam Kapoor, then you can take a chance to watch the movie in theatres as the lady has really worked hard in the film.

dolly ki doli

The movie has got its direction by the débutante director Abhishek Dogra and the diva actress Sonam will be playing the character of a bride who dupes the poor boys into marriage in order to rob them of their cash and valuables. The movie got its official release on Friday. However, still we cannot say about the film being time and money worthy.

The audiences’ state that the only reason they loved the movie was Rajkumar Rao’s excellent performance, the man proved his skills with the movie. Sonam robs a lot of guys in the film, however; her initial ‘target’ in the movie is the one who plays the role of perfect Haryanvi Jat. He is highly proud of his cast, culture and ethical roots. He is always ready to help the girls whom he loves, and this becomes the perfect reason for Sonam to trap him in the fake love. The perfect dialogue delivery and attitude makes him the best match for playing the character of Haryanvi Jat.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub is another guy who has played an excellent role in the film. Zeeshan has played the role of Raanjhana, who is believed to be the best buddy of Dhanush.  Ranjhana is the mastermind member of the gang in which Sonam operates. Ayyub is playing the character of silent lover Raju, who knows very well that Dolly would never accept his love as she only wants to fool and rob the poor guys, Raju believes that the naughty Dolly has nothing to do with true love. Another appreciable role is performed by Manoj joshi who has played the character of Dolly’s father.

Pulkit Samrat appears as a highly renowned and trustworthy police officer. However; Pulkit’s acting seems to be inspired by Dabang Khan and he is also named as Robin Singh (similar as Robinhood pandey of Dabang).  The movie becomes a bit interesting When Saif Ali Khan appears in a cameo role, Saif plays the role of a Rajasthani prince, to which the audiences say that his character was completely believable. Navab’s acting becomes the backbone of the movie.

However; we can surely say that you will get some amazingly funny moments in the film as the queen of comedy Archana Puranshing is there to entertain you in the movie.  The lady plays the role of the typical top Punjabi mom who has a strict control on her family and the decisions they take. However; the robber bride Dolly makes a great effort in order to break her authority when the sondecides to fightfor his ‘love’. Archana’s performance can be the second reason one should watch the movie in theaters.

The only problem we felt with the movie is that it does not give a good ending to the story. We cannot deny the fact that the movie has an interesting plot, but it should even have the interesting end in order to entertain the public.  So we can define ‘Dolly ki doli’ as the journey of a girl who takes on the bad world of men and the hypocrite institution of marriage. But the co-writer Dogra fails to define that why Dolly does all this, the reasons that forced her to do all this were not made clear in the film.  The reason, that unfolds after interval, is simply too pretentious. In fact, the audiences all over the country are being stating that throughout the movie, it was pretty difficult for them to identify Sonam’s unlawful character.

Movie is definitely worth a watch, you can enjoy it with your family, friends and even with the kids. Dolly has done a lot of efforts to make your weekend full of fun and amazing moments.

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