Movies With Allegedly Controversial Subject Matter


Movies With Allegedly Controversial Subject Matter

In the film industry, whenever a bold film maker starts any project, the movie is expected to trigger controversies. Media24by7 is listing some of the highly controversial movies of all time.

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My name is Khan:

Readers would be amazed to note that SRK’S blockbuster film ‘My name is Khan’ faced a lot of problems due to the political controversies it generated before release. Sources reveal the fact that Shahrukh apparently was harassed by the immigration officers when he went to the America in order to promote the film. Shahrukh even had had some issues with Shiv Sena as the party felt that the film would be a threat to the country.  Further, Shahrukh made a comment about Pakistani cricket players not coming to play in the IPL. As a result, there were attacks on cinemas and box office.

Madras Café:

The movie ‘Madras café’ was released in the year 2013. This would be the first movie that brought a huge controversy before its official release. John Abraham made his debut in the field of direction with the film ‘Madras Café’. However, the movie was believed to hurt some past political sentiments. For this reason, the political leaders across the country stayed strict order to put a ban on the movie. After great efforts, got the permission to release the movie worldwide. However, the film was not released in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Bandit Queen:

A 1994 film ‘Bandit Queen’ was believed to be based on the real life story of Indian Dacoit ‘Phoolen Devi’. The movie faced a lot of criticism. The movie demonstrated a lot of violence, sex and nudity that was highly criticized by the Indian censor board and the board put a strict ban on the release of the film.

These were some bollywood movies that courted a great share of controversies. For more interesting updates, stay tuned with Media24by7.


Aandhi is another great controversy of all times. The movie was released in the year 1975. The movie had a theme of ‘Political drama’. The movie did not had anything to create controversy. However, some rumors revealed that the movie was based on the story of Indira Gandhi. This was the only reason that the film faced a lot of controversial issues.

Black Friday:

Black Friday was officially released in the year 2004. The film was based on the cinematic adaptation of S. Hussain Zaidi’s book about the 1993 Mumbai blasts. The readers would be shocked to know that the movie was not released in theatres for two years. The producers delayed its release as accused in the actual bombings sent a petition seeking a stay order on the film. As the accused thought that the verdict was still pending and the movie might bias public opinion against them. However the Supreme court agreed, and the movie got released after two years.


No one can deny the fact that Fanaa’ as a movie did not have controversies in its story. However, the firing controversy occurred when Khan went to promote the movie in Gujarat. There at the concert Amir made comments showing his concern for the rehabilitation of villagers affected by the Narmada Dam. The angry political parties took great offence at this and as a result, the movie was unofficially banned in Gujarat.

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