Mt Everest Stunning Views Captured by Drone Camera


Mt Everest the wonder of many and curiosity of all

Mt Everest is a stunning sight no matter if you are looking upon it from afar or you are one of the mountain climbers who are brave enough to tackle the dizzying heights Mt. Everest has to offer or the native Sherpa people who often act as their guides. A flying camera drone has managed to capture stunning new views that have never been seen in such a way before.

If you were to ask where Mount Everest is located, you would be told about a land full of tall wonders. Nepal is home to some of the tallest mountains in the world including Mt Everest which holds the distinction of being the tallest mountain in the world at just over 29,000 feet. Due to the fact that this mountain is so high, there has not been a way to capture the views found in this hd video before.The views that the hd camera managed to capture are one of a kind and the sort of thing that has never been seen before and will likely not be seen again. Each time the camera passes another crest of the mountain, we are gifted with a sight that is truly a gift for those watching the video that was put together from the footage.

For those that fully understand what we have been given by those who filmed these shots, we can only begin to share the excitement of seeing such intense and truly unique images. We can talk about seeing sights that include views of a mountain that most will only ever see in photographs and watching the scenes that are being laid out in front of us with each second of video that was put together in such a way that we will never forget the beauty presented to us.


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