Mysterious & Worst Aviation Accidents Of All Time


Mysterious & Worst Aviation Accidents Of All Time

Convention on International Civil Aviation defines the aviation accidents as an occurrence associated with the operation of an aircraft. Such accidents take place between the time any person boards the aircraft with the intention of flight  until all such persons have disembarked, where a person is severely injured and the aircraft sustains damage or structural failure.air_crash_investigation

The most dangerous and stunning aviation in the history of world was a crash of Roziere balloon in the France. Its inventor, Jean François was killed in this aviation accident. The accident also killed the other occupants.

Japan Airline Flight 123 was crashed in 12 august 1983. This incident was considered to be the single aviation accident with highest no. of fatalities. Around 583 people were died in this accident. Not even a single person survived after the accident. The reason for the accidental crash may be that the aircraft suffered an explosive decompression.

In the year 1974, A Turkish Airline flight no.981 was crashed in the north eastern forest of Paris. Reports state that all the 346 passengers died in the accident. It is considered as the deadliest plane crash of all the times.

Air India Flight 182 was crashed on June 23 1985. Reports reveal that the flight crashed over the southwest coastal region of Ireland. Reports too reveal that the aircraft was crashed when a deadly bomb was exploded in the cargo. 302 passengers along with the 22 crew members were sitting in the flight, which died in the accident.

In the year 1980, A Saudi Arabian Airline flight 163 experienced the world’s deadliest aviation accident. Reader would be stunned to note that the plane did not face any crash; one of its crew members did a successful emergency landing. Soon after the landing, sever fire broke out in the C-3 compartment of the aircraft. The fire breakout eventually burned the ceilings of all the compartments and got expanded up to the passenger’s compartment. Around 301 passengers and 23 crew members were died in the accident.

Further in the year 2014, Malaysia Airline Flight 17 was shot down in an Area of eastern Ukraine. Around 298 people were there in the plane that faced a heart breaking death. Studies reveal that there was no survivor found after the accident. Even the three infants faced a severe death on the board. The majority of passengers were from Netherlands.  Further studies found that there was some high energy object in the mid air that hit the plane and caused the severe tragedy.

Other conspiracy theorists have reportedly claimed that the Malaysian flight may have been hijacked and flown to a remote location. Reports even state that Malaysia Flight 17, the plane that crashed in a field in Ukraine, is in fact Flight MH370 that was deliberately crashed in a “false flag” operation to discredit Russian aviation organization.

Readers must read a new book titled “Flight MH370. The book reveals the clue that the Flight MH370 may have been shot down accidentally by US-Thai joint strike fighters in a military exercise in the southern region of the great China Sea.


These were some precious facts about the heart-breaking aviation accidents, for more such information stay tuned with Media24by7.

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