Naked Man Roaming In Manchester, Guess What He Says


Roaming Naked In Manchester : Police Found This Naked Man In Manchester Roaming And Guess What He Has To Say When Caught, He Is Sleepwalking….

naked man sleepwalking in manchester at night

A naked man was seen walking around the streets of Manchester, England roughly at 4 in the morning last Sunday. A witness told the police that he even tried to call over a taxi.

Good thing, a patrolling police officer came into the rescue and lends the poor naked man his jacket and escorted him back to his hotel. They were able to figure out that the naked hotel guest is a sleepwalker and he is not doing such thing to scare other people.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleepwalking or somnambulism is a type of behavior disorder that occurs during a deep sleep. It may result from doing complex behaviors like walking and other unusual behaviors while asleep. It is said to be more common among children but it may occur in adults particularly if the person lacks enough amount of sleep.

A sleepwalker may remain into a deep sleep throughout the episode, so the person may have difficulty to be awakened. Probably, the person may not even remember anything that happened during the incident. It is estimated that there are 1% to 15 % of the general population are affected with this behavior disorder.

The onset of sleepwalking in adulthood is common. But there is no current literature that supports its association with a psychological or psychiatric problem. The other possible triggers of sleepwalking include febrile illness, certain medications and sedative agents like alcohol.

After figuring out what happened to him that ill-fated morning, the sleepwalker just laugh at the incident. Police Inspector Phil Spurgeon shared in a local newspaper that he even finds time to take a selfies with the police officers. The incident was a hot topic in the social media, others even commented if he just tried to get a pajama before sleeping so he wouldn’t have to experience such a humiliating event.

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