Netflix set to launch in India


Netflix set to launch in India

India can now access on demand, internet streaming after Netflix launched in India.Netflix is world’s top most video streaming services that allows the users to watch the content on the screens ranging from smartphones to the smart television. It functions with a variety of devices like the Play-Station and the Apple TV, letting the users stream directly onto a larger screen.

For 18 years, the billion dollar company has made it easier for motion picture lovers to watch and enjoy their favorite shows and films.

You can now access local and international content by creating an account at The process takes only a few minutes. You will also have to attach your credit card details.You can decide to be a basic, standard or premium user. The fee depends on the type of subscription you decide to use.

The free trial period allows you to enjoy content on Netflix at no cost for some time. Most Netflix movies, sequences and shows can be accessed online, but don’t be dissapointed if you do not find a certain local show because different countries have different licensing laws.

There have been complains about the catalogue in India being less than that of the U.S which is limiting subscribers in India.

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