New in Snapchat ? Don’t worry we got you covered


New in Snapchat ? Don’t worry we got you covered

Heard a lot about snapchat and haven’t tried it yet? Well you should and we’ll tell you how to use snapchat like a pro, and you’ll get going in no time!

Snapchat is an effective and interesting way to share your videos and pictures with your friends and family. Snapchat includes millions of users and the number is growing rapidly every day.

Well first things first, you need to download the app through an app or play store and sign up using an email address and typing a password. You will have to select a username, which will be your unique identity on snapchat. You will use these credentials for your snapchat login. Then you can find snapchat friends by either importing contacts or typing in their particular username.

What are snaps?

Snaps are pictures and videos taken, recorded and shared with friends. They can last for up to ten seconds, depending on the time set by the user. You can create snaps by using the circle icon on the screen, draw on it and edit it using editing options. Tap the top right corner icon to add stickers to your snap and if you don’t like it, you delete it easily using the bin icon.

To view a snap

Simply tap on the snap and it will be visible. The timer on the top right corner of the screen will show the time set for the snap by the uploader. These can be viewed when you are snapchat online.

You can use multiple snaps to make a story. Compile your snaps in chronological order and make a snapchat story. Keep adding new snaps to “My Story” option and you’ll get your story going. To save a story, you can go to the story screen, tap to the right of my story and save it. Every snap lasts for 24 hours and then automatically deleted from your story. To see stories posted by your friends, swipe left on the camera screen to the stories screen, scroll down to recent updates and tap their name to view their story.

Official stories posted by a limited group of snap chatters like famous brands and celebrities. You can view official stories under the official stories header. Similarly live stories are televised at famous events and locations around the world and they also are visible for 24 hours.

You need to update snapchat from time to time, as it’s regularly updated for new features and bug fixes. For any queries and recommendations, you can contact snapchat support.

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