New Rules for Passport

New Rules for Passport You Must Need To Know Before Apply

Who handles the process of applying for a passport in India? Yes, it is the Ministry of Affairs. Ministry of Affairs has recently declared some changes or you can say that some new rules for applying for a fresh passport; are you aware of it? The government has declared these changes so as to make the passport application process to be easier than before.

New Rules for Passport

New Rules for Passport

Here are the New Rules for Passport to apply for a fresh passport, just have a look

The requirement of the Birth certificate has been waived off

Earlier, the individuals had to show the birth certificate for applying for a fresh passport but a new rule has been implemented which states that the applicants who were born on or before January 1, 1989, need not submit their birth certificate. They can now show one of these documents as their proof of birth- AADHAR CARD, PAN CARD, MATRICULATION/SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE. If you are going to apply for a fresh passport then you can also submit your driving license as the accurate proof of your birth date.

Name of only one parent/guardian is mandatory

If you are a son/daughter of a single parent then yes; it is good news for you!!! You need not fill your father’s name anymore in the application form of a passport. You just need to mention the name of only one parent or guardian. This decision has been taken by considering the problems being usually faced by the adopted children or the children with single parents.

The number of annexures has been reduced

Earlier, there were about 15 annexes but not anymore, the number of annexes has now been reduced from 15 to 9 and the removed or reduced annexes are- Annexes A, C, D, E, J, and K. Any individual need not attach the copy of annexes anymore; you just need to self-attest your documents on a plain paper rather than preferring a stamp paper.

No marriage/divorce certificate is required

You need not submit your marriage/divorce certificate anymore. Not only this; you need not even mention your spouse’s name in the application form.

Special rule for the orphaned children

As orphaned children generally don’t have any proof of their birth but no worries. You need not submit your date of the birth certificate as you can submit a declaration letter signed by the head of the orphanage.

Government servants need not submit the NOC from their superiors

If you are a government employee then you need not submit the NOC signed by your superiors as this was required earlier but not anymore. You just need to submit the Annexure N while submitting your application for the passport.

No need to submit the adoption deed

If you have to apply passport for your adopted child then you need not submit the registered adoption deed anymore. You can still apply for a fresh passport even in the absence of this deed.

Aadhaar is mandatory

Having an Aadhaar/UID number has become compulsory by the Government of India for applying for a fresh passport.

All these changes have been made just to make the application process easier than before. Now, you can easily apply for a fresh passport without any hassles or possible obstacles.

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