New Top Man at Google


New Top Man at Google

The recent announcement of Indian-born Sundar Pichai to the head of Google, creates much curiosity about him and his background.Sundar was born in Madras, India in 1942. He was the son of an electrical engineer. His father managed a factory that made electrical components.Sundar was educated in India through his early years. His Indian education continued until and through college. When the time came to get a Master’s degree, he chose Stanford University.

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Rather than continue through a PhD program at Stanford, he decided to go to the Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. It was here that he completed his MBA. In 2004, Sundar joined Google. It was at Google that his special abilities and talents emerged. He designed or oversaw the design of numerous software products, including Google Chrome. He also oversaw the development of Gmail and Google Maps.

His background and qualifications speak for themselves when assessing the ascent of Sundar Pichai to CEO of Google.

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