New Year Resolutions Ideas: What Is Yours?


New Year Resolutions Ideas: What Is Yours?

Resolutions are very easy to decide yet difficult a lot to follow. However, some people could even decide   their resolution for the New Year. Media24by is presenting a list of 21 resolutions that will certainly help you get a perfect and beautiful lifestyle. Read the article and choose the best one for you.


  • Make a resolution that you will have a quality time with your friends and family members. Try to amaze your loved ones by planning cozy vacation with them. Make sure not be proud of your busy schedule, as this will only hurt your loved ones.
  • It’s amazing to explore the world, make a resolution that you will plan some fantastic world tours in the upcoming year.
  • Quit smoking; remember smoking will only increase the chances of death. If you love your life and precious ones, then you should quit it at least for their sake!
  • Promise yourself that you will surely get a monthly checkup by your physician. Your life is precious, take care of it.
  • Do not forget to have your own time and space. Listen to your favorite music and do whatever makes you happy. Being happy will make your surrounding more lovely.
  • Try to be more style conscious, be a gorgeous diva. Make sure you always dress up so nicely so that you will be the perfect style icon of your friends and family members.
  • Try to work out harder. Boys should make a resolution to get perfectly stunning six packs till the end 2015. For all the beauty queens, stay fit and gorgeous. Try to have the food that will enhance your beauty.
  • Stay connected with the world. Make new friends and be loyal with the old buddies. Make sure you would not hurt any of your friends this year. Keep the promises that you make and support your buddies. And the most important one for the girls ‘Do not disclose anyone’s secret’.
  • Make a resolution that you will not try to be racist and will not even promote racism. Forget about all the borders and diversities; stay united as the perfect social being.
  • Teens should certainly try to make the resolution that they will avoid eating junk food. One more thing for the exited teens, it’s good to stay updated and your curiosity to know the world is obvious but make sure that you do not use internet for wrong deeds.
  • Make sure you will validate more people in your life. Don’t get irritated all the time, try to forgive the blunders of your loved one. Forgiveness is believed the best ethic if one wants to keep his/her relationship healthy.
  • Be as famous personality. Get time to attend classy events, as it will certainly help you increase your fan flowing. Make sure you are always styled perfectly to snap beautiful selfish and photo shoots. Try to attend the social fest and other cultural events.
  • People do not like when someone keeps on judging them all the time, so if you don’t prefer to be judged by other, then make a resolution that you will not judge them.
  • Love yourself! Have faith on yourself; try to fulfill all your desires in the upcoming year.
  • May be the upcoming year will help you find your love. Make special efforts and amaze the one whom you are in love with. Try to spend the New Year eve with your girlfriend/ boyfriend.
  • Make a resolution that you will have a quality time to sleep. Sleeping makes the mind fresh and it also keeps the skin glowing and beautiful.
  • Start the New Year with a saving account. Make s resolution that you will save wealthy amount of money in the upcoming year.
  • It’s essential for every social being to have a mentor. Mentor will offer a right direction to your life.

Last but certainly not the least, try to be updated. Make sure you have the knowledge of all the things occurring in the world. You can also make a resolution that you will keep visiting Media24by7 in order to get trendy information.

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