North Korea

North Korea: A Nation Which Puts The World on Edge

An isolated nation of the world formally known as DPRK or Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has now become a danger to the world. Actually, it is the country’s nuclear weapon programmed which has caused fear even among the most of world’s powerful nation.

North Korea’s supreme leader is Kim Jong UN who is famous for his eccentric ways and barbarism. North Korea is virtually disconnected from entire world. No foreign media or press is allowed inside the country. Its national media is in absolute control of its leader Kim Jong Un.

North Korea

North Korea

Kim gains the rein of North Korea from his father Kim Jong II who was also famous for his confrontation with its neighbor and United States of America. North Korea has put the entire world on edge. Despite strict sanctions from United nations it has been working on its nuclear program.

Recently Pyonyong tested a nuclear device supposed to be hydrogen bomb which is much powerful than a atom bomb. American president Donald Trump in a series of tweets warns the North Korea of ‘fire and fury’ when it threatened to attack the Guam military base of USA in Pacific Ocean.

North Korea occasionally targets its neighbor south Korea and Japan. Its evil tactics are gone in such an extent that it fires missiles over Japan twice within a month.

The only partner of this isolated country is China which has trade relationship with North Korea. There is a tremendous pressure on China to control the Kim Jong Un but till now it gone in veins. China however made clear to North Korea that it would be good for it not to escalate the situation and solve the matter with dialogue.

However, Kim Jong Un seems to be in no mood to retract from his dangerous practice. The situation is very dangerous and could escalate in a massive confrontation involving various nuclear weapon states. For the betterment of world and to achieve peace this crisis must be solved with a great sense of urgency.

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