How a nursing home preschool brings children and elderly together


How a nursing home preschool brings children and elderly together

Imagine a preschool inside a nursing home, which becomes a miraculous fusion of the very old and the very young. Interestingly, besides the obvious differences, there are a number of similarities. Elderly people in a nursing home preschool have reached the twilight years of their lives. Just like it is difficult for a small child to learn something new, it is also cumbersome for an elder person to accept a new situation. Children have to be taught how to deal with emotions, and at their ages the elderly do too. Therefore, it is natural that the two groups will certainly benefit and enjoy each others’ company.

Providence Mount St. Vincent

Providence Mount St. Vincent in Seattle is one such nursing home with preschool. Essentially a nursing home, this facility also shares space with 125 children from 0-5 years for five days in a week. Children and teachers here are part of the Mount’s Intergenerational Learning Centre (ILC), a licensed preschool operating here since 1991.

Advantages of elderly preschool

Loneliness and boredom form integral components of life experienced at a nursing facility. Places like Nova Nursing help in overcoming such challenges. At the Mount, Charlene Boyd, an administrator believes that the old come there to live and not to die, their average ages being around 92.

Social interactions at nova preschool will bring down blood pressure, disease and deaths among elders. Socialising over generations within a day care in nursing home also make the older adults smile more. Both the above pieces of information have been found through research.

Preschool in a nursing home is likely to make kids more receptive to the conditions of the elderly. In reality, it helps when both are able to understand each others’ situations. Social and personality development of the kids has been observed at the preschool nursing home in the Mount. It will be helpful for you to be aware of such a preschool in nursing home.


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